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04 December 2025 @ 12:20 pm

welcome to my Livejournal!

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05 November 2015 @ 08:34 pm
Happy 20th birthday, MORITA MYUTO.Read more...Collapse )

and,since today is Nov 5, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WATANABE SHOTA :)) my sanban in Snow Man XD also, happy 30th birthday to TANAKA KOKI :) ahaha that video of him blowing his cake taken by Hyouga is a bit cute and he's always that scary, badass Koki lol XD
25 September 2015 @ 11:46 pm
Hiiii there! I'm back! Hahaha. but maybe not yet? Idk, I aint sure about this. But I am 100% free at the moment. I think its almost a month already. I'm so sorry for those who PM me from 6 months ago, I really didnt had the time to reply, I was so busy and stressed at work. It was my first job ever, but I had to quit -__- I guess I can't sacrifice my social life to that for 2 years. Hahaha okay enough for that.. As Ive said, Im free at the moment, meaning you can now PM me and I'll definitely reply! Send me your messages for your questions, upload request, stuff about our subbing projects and etc. in twitter if you can (https://twitter.com/sarachii) cause I'm active there like 24/7 haha. I might not check my LJ too often like I used to but you'll definitely get a reply from me! :D Thats all! Hahaha. Sachan yori! ^O^)/

PS: I'll be watching Attack On Titan 2 tomorrow in SM Megamall. soooo Filipino fangirls reading, isshou ni mimashou! :D
04 March 2015 @ 01:05 pm

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There's Travis Japan! Yay! Anigumi is in just 1 show tho. :)

Gamushara J's Party is a Johnny's Jr mini concert held every month at the new theater of TV Asahi in Roppongi called "EX THEATER ROPPONGI" Aside from the concert, this program includes the Gamushara Variety, backstage and rehearsal footages.

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Episode 9 is up for DL!
27 May 2014 @ 04:35 pm

(2014.05.17) Supanichi!「Faito!YOUtachi~ Johnny's Jr.  No. 1 Ketteisen」

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There are 100 jrs here, so watch out if your favorite jr got into the first top 20
(sorry to spoil you but I am so proud that my BB, KATSUKI got up to the top 10, I'm totally happy & satisfied on what he reached ♥)
Yooo~ :3 Ive decided to make it in one post. ^^ I'll be uploading MQ/LQ ones only since we're subbing the show. All files that you can download here are raw/without subs :) If you want to download it with subs, please be directed to je_yosai, we don't release softsubs so if you can't wait, sorry but you have to download the whole file.

JMK Official Site image

2013.07.02 - JMK Episode 1
2013.07.09 - JMK Episode 2
2013.07.16 - JMK Episode 3
2013.07.23 - JMK Episode 4
2013.07.30 - JMK Episode 5
2013.08.06 - JMK Episode 6
2013.08.13 - JMK Episode 7
2013.08.20 - JMK Episode 8
2013.08.27 - JMK Episode 9
2013.09.03 - JMK Episode 10