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25 September 2015 @ 11:46 pm
Tadaima! :)  
Hiiii there! I'm back! Hahaha. but maybe not yet? Idk, I aint sure about this. But I am 100% free at the moment. I think its almost a month already. I'm so sorry for those who PM me from 6 months ago, I really didnt had the time to reply, I was so busy and stressed at work. It was my first job ever, but I had to quit -__- I guess I can't sacrifice my social life to that for 2 years. Hahaha okay enough for that.. As Ive said, Im free at the moment, meaning you can now PM me and I'll definitely reply! Send me your messages for your questions, upload request, stuff about our subbing projects and etc. in twitter if you can (https://twitter.com/sarachii) cause I'm active there like 24/7 haha. I might not check my LJ too often like I used to but you'll definitely get a reply from me! :D Thats all! Hahaha. Sachan yori! ^O^)/

PS: I'll be watching Attack On Titan 2 tomorrow in SM Megamall. soooo Filipino fangirls reading, isshou ni mimashou! :D
Mitsu: Daayama~kakuhiro on September 26th, 2015 11:47 am (UTC)
And you made a good decision that you quitted that job :) never do something which brings no good to you and stress to you ;) you can't be stressed!! :) find something what you like to do and enjoy being here :)
Ganbaaa from everyone to everyone! :)

And enjoy watching Attack on Titan 2 :) that first film was weird honestly 8D didn't fit with the original lol