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05 November 2015 @ 08:34 pm
late birthday post, Happy Birthday Morita Myuto!  
Happy 20th birthday, MORITA MYUTO.My bestfriend, the guy that I love but I'm not allowed to. Charot! 😛 People may call you Ponkotsu (useless) or Scandal King, I don't care. They just don't know you, they don't watch you, all they see is your intentional mistakes, failures and such, but still there are a lot of people who believe and support you. I'm just one of them 🙋🏻Ahaha. At bakit ako nagdadrama? Birthday post lang eh xD Of all my favorite (except those my-so-called-ichiban) you're the only one who made me cry because I LOVE YOU and it hurts. There was a time last year that I seriously cried for how many nights. I dont know why but it rly hurts thinking that I love you. Felt like my love for you got deeper and I was /yes, serious. Not just as a fan T^T ofc, there's no way that you can love me back or at least know my existence, its impossible for us to meet and talk to each other. I easily cry on all those stupid things, but crying for the reason that I love someone and it hurts, is a different thing. I don't know why, I can't consider you my ichiban but I loved you like that. Thanks god I survived and forgot about it haha I was seriously in pain on those nights. Haha. Please don't make any complicated things again to make Johnny's fire you, okay? Be mature or stay immature, it is zen zen okay to me/us! Just please, continue giving joy to us! I do hope to see you debut with the group that you truly love (but debuting with Taiga at the moment is impossible haha). Goodluck to your career and your life, please stop fighting with your mom! xD once again, Happy Birthday! Happy hatachi Mr. Travis Japan's Dance Ace!

PS: dapat magcecelebrate kami ng birthday nila (Shori, Jin, Hashimocchan, Myuto and Inoue) kasama si Ate Kim and Rona, dko alam anong nangyare lol. At malungkot nga ako kanina kasi gusto kong kumain ng masarap pag ganitong special day, like Cake, Milk Tea, Bread, Chicken, or anything. and then, around 4pm, dinalhan ako ng Kuya ko ng Spaghetti and Chicken!!! Yay 👏 problem solved lol. Pero feeling ko kulang pa rin, gusto ko ng Cake or any yummy bread -_-

and,since today is Nov 5, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WATANABE SHOTA :)) my sanban in Snow Man XD also, happy 30th birthday to TANAKA KOKI :) ahaha that video of him blowing his cake taken by Hyouga is a bit cute and he's always that scary, badass Koki lol XD